The Helping Professionals Interview Series (Part 2): Blocks to Support Infographic

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2 Feb 2022

Through November – December in late 2021, I met with seventeen helping professionals from the following areas: nursing, teaching, music therapy, pharmacy, counselling, child and family therapy, social work and service management to discuss how they seek help or look after themselves when they are struggling. This infographic summarises key findings.

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Please see below for a summary of the key blockages to seeking support as identified by these helping professionals.

If you’d like to read about this in more detail, or to hear from the interviewees themselves, please see the recent blog here.

A huge thank you to all the healthcare workers & teachers who so courageously & generously shared their experiences.

If you have found the content of this blog to be distressing, or to have touched into something for you, please feel free to be in touch here.

Alternatively, the following services can be contacted for immediate support:

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