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Nourishing health professionals to hold onto themselves whilst holding space for others. Tempo offers evidence-based, practical and immersive supports and professional learning, incorporating neuroscience, and creative arts, music and somatic processes, within a framework of social justice, community and collective care.

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You love your job but at times it's heavy going.

Helping others at work doesn't mean that you have to go it alone.

Sometimes, you need a helping hand.

Find self compassion, connection & therapeutic support through music, the body and personal inquiry.

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About Minky van der Walt

As an allied health clinician with over 20 years experience, including trauma expertise over the last 12 years, I know very well the toll that caring for others can take. I’ve worked in large public hospitals, small private hospitals, primary schools, high schools, early childhood centres, community mental health and child and adolescent therapy services. I have extensive experience in providing therapeutic support to families, individuals and services experiencing extreme stress, and working alongside, and in consultation with, the educators, emergency service workers and health professionals who support them.

I know the impact of this work.

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