An inventory of creative nervous system supports

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2 Nov 2022

Polyvagal theory helps us to understand that we can be creative and and precise in our self supports. We have a whole smorgasbord of ways in which we can connect in, connect with others and connect with the world around us. We already know this, but in our busy-ness, we can forget. This is your invitation to look through and choose your own adventure of nervous system supports. Have a look at this infographic with a sense curiosity and of exploration. How might you bring yourself into greater connection with your world today?

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In the middle of winter, I at last discovered that there was in me an invincible summer.

Albert Camus

If you've seen the blog in here on the 'Three organising principles of polyvagal theory', you will know that we are wired for connection and protection. This all goes on outside of our conscious awareness.

Our bodies know what we need, but are we listening?!

The key is in being able to connect to our experience so that we can support ourselves to flexibly respond to what is happening:

  • Inside us – the body’s internal sensations and cues
  • Outside – what is happening in the environment around us
  • Between – ourselves and another person (ie. two nervous systems); in relationship

Have a look below - what might you explore today?

What will your nourishing adventure be?

If you'd like to access your own PDF poster of this graphic, please see here.

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Header image: Kristine Cinate