How does that work? Creative arts, music and embodied approaches in supervision

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18 Jan 2023

You may have an idea of how creative arts, music and the embodied approaches work in counselling or therapy, but in supervision?! What does this mean? And how might this sort of approach support you in your practice? In this piece, we look at a couple of short videos from Cathy Malchiodi and Joan Wilmot to understand these thoughts from the point of view of the 'Seven-Eyed Model of Supervision' and creative arts therapy approaches.

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These two short videos (respectively, around 8 minutes and 12 minutes) give an insight into some of the inspiration for the Creative Embodied Supervision groups here at Tempo.

The Seven-Eyed Model of Supervision

  1. An introduction to the 'Seven-Eyed Model of supervision' - an approach that I first encountered with my supervisor of eight years, who was an art therapist and Gestalt psychotherapist.

In this video we see Joan Wilmot from CSTD London give an overview (7.41 minutes):

A brief overview of the Seven-Eyed Model of Supervision

My reflection

I love the way this model gives a framework for, and invites us to explore the situation from so many points of view. I particularly like the way we can look into our own experience, that of the client, the relationship between us, the situation and wider dynamics. It's a real micro, internal and macro approach!

I'd love to hear your thoughts around this - which aspects of this approach speak to you most?

Creative Arts Therapy approaches

2. In this second video, we see Cathy Malchiodi talking about the four functions of expressive arts therapy. Cathy discusses these ideas in terms of working with clients who have experienced trauma. However, these concepts can also be translated into supervision.

Cathy Malchiodi talks about the basic functions of expressive arts in healing

My reflection

There is so much richness in the ideas that Cathy shares here. We as therapists, counsellors and allied health professionals can take so much from these approaches in supervision to regulate, connect with experience, unpack, explore, and so much more.

If you can imagine these two videos coming together to inform, nudge and create connection, clinical insight and a deepened understanding for you and your clients, this is what we are creating in the Tempo supervision groups.

If you'd like to know more or to offer your thoughts, please contact Minky here - your reflections are most welcome!

Creative Embodied Supervision Groups with Tempo start Thursday February 1.

These closed groups have a maximum of 6 participants and meet monthly over a 6 month period.

The following times are available

  • 8.30 - 10am AEDT (1 place left)
  • 12 - 1.30pm AEDT (2 places available)
  • 7 - 8.30pm AEDT (FULL)

See here for more information or contact Minky:

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