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15 Feb 2023

When we are burnt out it is hard to take the steps we need to begin to recover. In this blog you will find short summaries and links to podcasts on burnout. There is a range of information here from different professions, including doctors, naturopaths, psychologists and therapists. Understand the stress response cycle, hear personal stories from those who have experienced burnout in relation to work and home, hear why listening to your body is important and even what we can learn from dancing to our own rhythm!

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There is something for everyone here:

  1. learn about and understand about your nervous system
  2. how to support yourself as a therapist
  3. a wholehearted approach
  4. hear personal stories
  5. how listening to your body might be important
  6. some practical advice

Enjoy and thank you to all these folks for their generosity of sharing.

Unlocking Us

Burnout and How to Complete the Stress Cycle

The always entertaining and insightful Brené Brown talks with twin sisters, Drs Emily and Amelia Nagosky about their wonderfully accessible book 'Burnout: the secret to solving the stress cycle'.

I highly recommend this 60 minute romp into an entertaining and informative exploration of what burnout is, how stress impacts your body and hwat you can do the support yourself in completing the stress response cycle in this podcast episode: Burnout and How to Complete the Stress Cycle.

Therapists Rising with Dr Hayley Kelly

Burnout, toxic narratives and self care for therapists with Dr Hayley D. Quinn

Great discussion and reflections on what it is like for therapists to look after themselves, take breaks and create the working life you want. An open look into the challenges of being a therapist. If you've reached a point of thinking about giving away your career as a therapist this podcast is for you - listen here.

The Six Hats Podcast

How to overcome burnout with Dr Michelle Woolhouse, integrative GP and author of 'The Wonder Within'.

Listen to Dr Michelle Woolhouse and Dr Shamistra Barathan from 'The Six Hats Podcast' talk about dancing to your own rhythm, witnessing a wholehearted approach to carers and healers and self compassion in this frank and honest discussion about anixety and burnout. Listen here.

Burnout: a different kind of gap year

Personal stories of burnout

In this podcast, Clinical Psychologist Shannon Swales of 'Burnout: a different kind of gap year' shares her own experience of burnout, and talks with a range of people including nurses, teachers, parents, students, counsellors and lawyers. This podcast is an engaging and fresh acknowledgement of the wide-ranging impact of burnout both professionally and personally. Listen here.

Burnout to bliss

'Is you body giving you a massive wake up call?'

In this podcast integrative medical practitioner Dr Fiona Enkelmann discusses with naturopath Lucy Mason how your body might be calling you to pay attention to what you need to recover from burnout. Listen here.

The Burnout Recovery Podcast, with Dr Jo Braid

How to recover from burnout

Dr Jo Braid is the host of this podcast. In this episode Dr Braid introduces herself and outlines some of the more practical steps required to recover from burnout. Burnout is a systemic problem but focusing on what we can do is an important first step to recovery. Listen here.

What has struck a chord with you? I'd love to hear your thoughts and responses - feel free to send them through here.

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