Workshops & Professional Learning

Enriching opportunities to build knowledge, learn new skills, and gain support within your community or workplace. Tempo offers nurturing experiential workshops, and informative professional development opportunities that are anchored in research and trauma-informed practice.

I'm happy to discuss what might suit your team or group if you'd like to get in touch to discuss further.

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Not only do I love stepping into the soul-nurturing flavours brought about by music listening, creative arts and mindfulness, but I am also a neuroscience and knowledge-loving nerd. As such workshops at Tempo offer opportunities for nourishment, connection and learning.  You and your team or community can choose whether your workshop will be explorative, information-focused or a combination of both.

Tailored to your needs, workshops offer supportive opportunities to

  • Explore new possibilities and slow down through creative arts processes to foster calm, connection and focus at work
  • Build your knowledge base

Select from a range of topics including:

  • Compassion satisfaction, vicarious resilience and thriving at work
  • Compassion fatigue, vicarious trauma and burnout
  • The trauma-informed workplace
  • Relationships and embodied presence at work
  • Managing empathic strain at work
  • Building cultures of resilience and collective care
  • Self and collective care
  • Team building
  • Trauma stewardship
  • Cultivating communities of connection, presence and care
  • GIM Themes: rest / inspiration / team / future / self expression
  • Building cultures of calm
  • Physiological & relational safety in the workplace for helping professionals
  • Listening skills
  • Team morale

Experiences of embodied presence through

  • Breath and body-focused relaxation exercises
  • Drawing to music
  • Music assisted relaxation experience
  • Simple music and imagery experience

Available for teams, workplaces, organisations and community groups.

Depending on your needs and location, Tempo offers workshops face to face or online. Get in touch to see what would work best for you and your team.

Workshop enquiries

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