Creative embodied group supervision for counsellors, therapists and allied health

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For counsellors, allied health and leaders wanting to feel clear, nourished, energised and connected in a safe and supportive community of peers.

Small Group Program

Various session days and times, ending December 2024

20 Dec 2024

Zoom online

A 6 month group supervision program, meeting monthly online via Zoom.

From $90 / session

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Join your colleagues for a different experience of clinical supervision inside this creative, monthly closed group supervision program.

You will find rest, clarity, nourishment, connection and support in a community of competent and respectful peers.

Create the space you need to develop your reflective capacity so that you can meet the needs of yourself and your clients or patients.

These sessions will offer opportunities to sit with what is good and what is hard in the work, with equal consideration given to the vicarious impacts of both.

Using a framework that embraces the principles of trauma stewardship, trauma-informed practice and the understandings from the 'Joy - Pain Spectrum', participants will be invited to connect with and reflect upon their experiences through processes that may include:

  • quiet reflection (journaling, drawing)
  • discussion
  • music listening
  • supportive music and imagery experiences
  • creative soundscapes
  • mandala drawing
  • psychoeducation about the impacts of trauma, interpersonal neurobiology, the stress response cycle

These are all processes that you will be invited to participate in as you feel comfortable.

**No writing, music listening, movement or drawing experience are required (whilst you are welcome to, there will be no making you sing or dance here!)**

I get it.

I've been there too.

As a mental health clinician with 20+ years of experience in supporting families and workers in schools, hospitals, early childhood centres, child protection and other community services, I know all too well the impact of this work that can have on your confidence, wellbeing and hope for the world.

I'm Minky van der Walt (she/her), a trauma therapist and mental health clinician who was originally trained as a Registered Music Therapist at the University of Melbourne.

I am registered with the Australian Music Therapy Association and am a clinical member of, and have mental health accreditation with the Psychotherapy & Counselling Federation of Australia (PACFA).

I'm on a mission to support health and education professionals who shine in their work, that you don't have to drown in overwhelm because you're used to 'being strong', pushing through and putting yourself last.

You actually need to come first.

You need to find a safe way out of your head and into your body, so that you can find the clarity, nourishment and support that you need and deserve.

How this program helps you to keep doing the work that you love without burning out:

✔ Commit to making space for yourself and your needs each month (with your very own cheer squad!):

Connect with like-minded, capable peers who will “get you" and support you to connect with your own needs.

✔Create a regular practice of self supports, using a stepped approach that works for, and attends to, your unique needs.

✔ Learn how to go underneath thoughts and talking to get to the source of the issue and discover resources and tools to support you at home, at work and in between.

✔ Learn how to make space and create pockets of rest to bring you energy, calm and nourishment.

✔ Explore your unique, creative and embodied self and gain understanding through shared experience music, art, symbols, imagery, writing, talking, moving, and embodied resources.

✔ Understand the impacts of work on you and explore how aspects of the 'Joy-pain spectrum' framework can aggravate or mitigate your potential for burnout or vicarious trauma.

What's involved?

Reflective analysis:

  • Confidential case discussion and analysis.
  • Develop your clinical skills.
  • Reflective case conceptualisation.

In-Depth Group Sessions:

  • Deep dive below the thoughts and words to connect with, express and understand what is below the surface, in our bodies and feelings.
  • Explore, understand, connect with, express and reflect the impact that your work is having on you through the joy and the pain.

Peer support and mutual learnings:

  • Find connection, support and mutual understanding with a like-minded and supportive community of peers.
  • Learn from a range of expertise and experience in the room.
  • Other potential informal supports will be discussed by participants.

A felt sense of safety

Your felt sense of safety and confidentiality is at the heart of this trauma-informed program.

This is a small group of other health professionals and educators who understand the vulnerability and courage required in this space.

There is deep respect for this.

You only share what YOU feel comfortable sharing.

We all negotiate the terms of confidentiality within the group.

Baseline essentials are
1) what's said in the group stays in the group and
2) respectful communication at all times.

The rest is determined by participants.

Your felt sense of safety is at the core of each session.

Past participants have enjoyed many of the experiences, but overwhelmingly it has been peer support - the connection with others in a safe space - that has been most appreciated.

Who is this for?

This group supervision program is for counsellors, therapists, other allied health clinicians and service leaders.


Fees are set in keeping with recommendations from Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia's (PACFA) for 'low-cost supervision'groups: $60 / hour.

Online groups are 90 minutes, and $90 / group:

  • Total fee: $540 for 6 x online groups

A $90 deposit secures your place in the program with the remaining fee due in full before the first session.

The remaining fee is due in full prior to the program commencing.

Payment plans are available upon request


As the group is a closed 6 month program any missed appointments are unable to be made up, nor are fees able to be reimbursed.

Please contact Minky here if you have any questions.

There is a waiting list for the Creative Embodied Supervision Groups.

Please contact Minky below if you would like to register your interest in group supervision with Tempo.

I'd like to hear when the next group is starting


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