Emergency Service Workers

Promoting prevention, building resilience and supporting post-traumatic mental health for police and emergency service workers.

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Tasmanian police officer in a room with a distressed person

Supporting prevention, resilience and posttraumatic mental health in emergency service workers.

Work in the emergency services can be rewarding, exciting and incredibly tough. Whether you’re attending or witnessing a distressing event, or helping in its aftermath, the cumulative strain of this work can take its toll.

Tempo offers a safe, stepped framework to support workers seeking relief from symptoms of distress, including:

Low mood, irritability, difficulties with sleep, physical agitation such as shortness of breath or a racing heart, scanning for danger, reliving scenes from work, avoiding places or people connected to traumatic events, intrusive thoughts or memories and worry about being able to do your job.

In keeping with current research recommendations, therapeutic approaches are multi-sensory and body-based. Incorporating elements of mindfulness, music listening, guided imagery, creative arts and body-focused processes are carefully designed and structured to alleviate symptoms, and support you to

  • Build positive inner resources
  • Reconnect with your body and breath
  • Reduce agitation
  • Improve relaxation and sleep practices
  • Process traumatic memories
  • Find clarity, focus and hope

Telehealth platforms used, Coviu and Zoom, have end to end encryption for your privacy and security.

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