Helping teachers and educators to manage stress, and restore a sense of calm, energy and confidence.

Tempo supports you to get out of the left-brained hamster wheel of detail, planning and doing, and into the bigger picture of feeling, connecting and being.

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Helping teachers and educators cope better, and restore a sense of calm, energy and confidence.

Working with students, knowing that you are making a significant difference in your students’ lives and a sense of autonomy are some of the joys of being a teacher.

However there are also dark sides.

Demanding workloads, high expectations, inadequate support, managing the emotional needs of students and families, workplace bullying as well as challenging, even dangerous behaviour, from students and parents, are just some of the daily challenges that teachers and educators can face.

Understandably this can lead to high levels of stress and poor mental health outcomes that can impact your work and home life.

Whilst these stressors are largely out of your control, you can take steps to manage how you take care of yourself in response to them.

In keeping with current research recommendations, therapeutic approaches at Tempo are multi-sensory and body-based.

Incorporating elements of mindfulness, music listening, guided imagery, creative arts and body-focused processes are carefully designed and structured to alleviate distressing symptoms.

Tempo offers individual and group support to teachers and educators to help you to

  • Build positive inner resources
  • Reconnect with your body and breath
  • Reduce agitation
  • Improve relaxation and sleep practices
  • Work through troubling memories / past events
  • Connect with others going through similar experiences
  • Find clarity, focus and hope

Telehealth platforms used, Coviu and Zoom, have end to end encryption for your privacy and security.

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Sometimes you spend so much time looking after others it's hard to know when or how to look after yourself.

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