Within the body you are wearing - a poem by Robert Hall

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14 June 2023

The late Robert Hall was an American psychiatrist and lay Buddhist priest who worked to integrate Gestalt theory with practices of embodiment and meditation. Hall was also an author and poet. Take your time to sit with these words to consider how they land with you. What emerges in your thoughts and body? What is your felt sense? What images are evoked?

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Within the body you are wearing, now
inside the bones and beating in the heart,
lives the one you have been searching for so long.

But you must stop running away and shake hands,
the meeting doesn’t happen
without your presence . . . your participation.

The same one waiting for you there
is moving in the trees, glistening on the water,
growing in the grasses and lurking in the shadows you create.

You have nowhere to go.
The marriage happened long ago.
Behold your mate.

A poem by the late Robert Hall

William Foley

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