3 steps to mothering your inner child (infographic)

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11 May 2022

Given the outward focus on the individual, it is ironic that many of us in this Western culture struggle to truly care for, and nurture ourselves with kindness. Regardless of the types of mothering experiences we have had, at some point we all need to find ways to nurture our inner child. See below for an infographic that summarises one approach to self-mothering in three simple steps.

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Welcome to this invitation into self-mothering: a process of caring for and nurturing yourself through a loving, kind process.

Whilst it's easy to say, it is not always easy to do!

For an in depth discussion and detailed examples of how you can start to implements these approaches to self-mothering, please see the full blog here: ​ ​ Self-mothering for teachers and health professionals.

If you'd like a PDF of the infographic contact me here and I'll send it through to you!

For a detailed look into this topic, please see the previous blog, 'Self-mothering for teachers and health professionals' here.

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