Spring Sound Immersion @ Alceme


5.30 - 7pm

September 17, 2021


6 Victoria St Hobart

Single tickets $52 or bring a friend and buy a double ticket for $90.

$52 - 90

Contact Minky here or book below.
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Step out of winter and into spring as you take a deep music listening journey in the warmth and cosiness of the beautiful Alceme studio.

Find relaxation, nourishment and and connection as you are guided through an immersive listening experience with Registered Music Therapist, Minky van der Walt.

Come on a journey a world away from the everyday,

Away from the noise and the worries that are everywhere right now,

And into connection with the present moment, with yourself and your inner experience.

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What kind of music is involved?

This is a carefully curated recorded music listening event.

We will have an eclectic selection of music that will take you on a sound journey into a different world.

What can I expect?

You will be guided to safely switch off and give your focus to the music through:

  • music-assisted breathing practices
  • connection to your embodied experience - physical sensations within and outside your body
  • progressive relaxation approaches, and
  • guided listening and imagery focuses

You will be transported into a deep listening experience that will bring you into connection with your mind, body & spirit.

Drawing materials will be provided as an invitation to ground yourself and returning to the here and now.

You are invited to participate in all aspects of the session as you feel comfortable.

Universal Eye

What will I need to bring?

The space offers a yoga mat and bolster. For your comfort, it is a good idea to:

  • wear loose, comfortable clothing
  • bring at least one blanket and, if you'd like extra comfort, a cushion

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Header image: Jarek Jordan