Sound Immersion @ Alceme


5.30 - 7pm

July 30, 2021


6 Victoria St Hobart

Single tickets $52 or bring a friend and buy a double ticket for $90.

$52 - 90

Contact me here or book below!
Rising pink smoke against a grey background

Leave the wintery cold behind as you take a deep music listening journey in the warmth and cosiness of the beautiful Alceme studio.

Find relaxation, nourishment and and connection as you are guided through an immersive listening experience by Registered Music Therapist Minky van der Walt.

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  • A beautiful, calm, candlelit space
  • Being guided to safely switch off and give your undivided focus to the music
  • Being bathed in a rich tapestry of sound to support you into a deep listening experience
  • Tuning in and connecting with your own mind, body & spirit

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Header image: Pawel Czerwinski